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Employee Wellness

Yoga and meditation can make a huge difference in the physical health and mental wellbeing of your team members and the people around you. It also can help overcome tension and negative relationship dynamics within the workplace.

If you would like to offer Soul of Yoga classes to your employees at a discount, or would like to host a class or workshop onsite at your business, we would be happy to work with you on designing a program.

For more information please contact Ryan Stanley at ryan@soulofyoga.com or 760.452.0883

Examples of on-site facilitated programs include:

QiGong Movement Followed by Meditation – Move Energy and Center
Longevity Stretching and Yin Yoga – Release Tension and Promote Flexibility
Breath Work and Pranayama – Release Trauma and Renew Energy through Breathing Techniques
Yoga Therapy Classes – Improve Chronic Pain Conditions (Back and Neck)
Kundalini Yoga – Invigorate and Energize
Hatha Yoga – Build Strength and Center
Gentle, or Restorative Yoga with Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation – Relax and Heal
Tibetan Bowl or Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation – Deep Meditation with Sound
Yoga Nidra Meditation – Body Scan Relaxation Technique to Achieve Deep Meditation
Sound Healing – Musicians with a Variety of Sacred Instruments during Sound Meditation